Zonal CME – Breathlessness from a pulmonologist’s perspective

On the 20th of December, an academic feast, zonal CME was conducted with the theme “Breathlessness from a pulmonologist’s perspective”. The program was meticulously organized by the Department of Pulmonology in Louis Pasteur Hall at Narayana Medical College with invaluable guidance from our principal Dr.Srinivasulu Reddy sir, the zonal CME Co-ordinator Dr.Sudeena Mam (Professor & HOD GMC, Ongole) and our institute CME coordinator Dr.Harish sir.

The program unfolded with the gathering of esteemed guests from the management, our Medical Superintendent Dr. Hari Prasad Reddy sir, the deputy medical superintendent Dr.Harish sir, the academic director Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy sir, and the APMC observer Dr.Vijaya Mohan Rao sir the occasion was also graced by our stalwart speakers, faculty and postgraduates from Narayana medical college and various colleges in our zone.

The day was inaugurated auspiciously by lighting the divine lamp and invoking the blessings of the lord through a prayer song. The schedule was organised in a way to enlighten and educate the crowd on breathlessness which is the most common problem encountered by a pulmonologist and various elaborations surrounding the symptom.

The morning session of academics was focused on the two most important investigations in a pulmonologist’s practice, PFT and chest radiology.

The first talk was on “Interpretation of Pulmonary function test” which was made easy for the postgraduates by the energetic Dr.Aruna Mam (Professor & HOD, Department of Pulmonology, ACSR medical college, Nellore) who through her pragmatic approach taught us that every curve matters.

The next session followed with the young and dynamic Dr. Sravan Krishna Reddy (Assistant professor, Department of Radiology, Narayana medical college, Nellore) who took up the topic “Basics of chest radiology – chest X-ray and HRCT” and showed us that the spectrum of black and white is not confined but always vivid to the eye that beholds.

The morning session was concluded with the much-needed coffee and snack break.

The afternoon session packed with clinical knowledge commenced with the regained enthusiasm.

The first session was headed by our very own Dr.Prasanna Purna Mam (Professor & HOD, Department of Pulmonology, Narayana medical college, Nellore) who spoke on the topic “Tubular vision in respiratory system – A double edged sword in diagnosing a case”. Madam provided an insight on breathlessness and shed a light toward broad thinking and enhanced our understanding.


The academic session was drawn to a conclusion with the most essential topic “ICU management of COPD with type II respiratory failure” which was simplified and well explained by Dr. Gopal Krishna sir (Associate professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Narayana Medical College, Nellore) and the postgraduates learned to never fail a case of failure.

Lunch was then served to fuel up for the quiz session.

The engaging quiz was conducted by Dr.Kalyani Mam (Associate professor, Department of Pulmonology, Narayana medical college, Nellore) and Dr.G.Jishna Mam (Senior Resident, Department of Pulmonology, Narayana Medical College, Nellore) who kept the postgraduates on the edge of their seats. The winning groups were awarded with certificates and medals.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.Kalyani Mam on behalf of the department and the session was thus concluded on a positive note.