Welcome to Department of physical Education

Narayana Medical College


Realizing the proven fact fit “Health is Wealth” and “A Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” Narayana Medical College has taken all the necessary measures for providing good physical education to all its students.

As a first measure, a qualified Asst. professor in Physical Education has been appointed way back in the year 2003 and with an unbroken and active service of more than 17 years of Asst. Professor. J. Silvi Babu, Narayan Medical College has developed a sprawling Physical Education Department in an extent of 16.35 acres. This department includes both Indoor and out outdoor studious with international standards. Continual physical education training goes on in the department for the both male and female students for maintaining no bust health. The Department and stadiums are keep open from 6.30 am to 6.30 p.m. for free access by the instructed students in their convenient time without any disturbance to their academic schedules.

Indoor Facilities

Two Table Tennis Rooms is available one Table tennis room for men and another for women have been constructed with international standards. Carroms Boards and chess Boards is Available for both men and women





Table Tennise

hang gliding

Explore our best Out Door Facilities!

Champions Keep Playing untill they get it right.

Outdoor Facilities

Cricket stadium, for practicing the most popular game in the India has been made available to the players with turf pitches.

Sensing the interest of the students, in table tennis and tennis, two table tennis courts and a common Lawn Tennis court have been constructed. A notable point is that all the above courts are furnished with synthetic flooring. They have also been provided with flood lights in the night also, enabling the players to practices.


Lets PlayBasket Ball

Two Basket Ball Courts also have been made available one for men and another for women.


Start your Volley Ball Practice

Two Volley Ball Courts one for men and another for women have been constructed with international standards.


Play Ground

A fully developed and well maintained track also has been developed for practicing sprints and field events like 400 meters and eight lanes.