Narayana Medical Journal

Narayana Medical Journal (NMJ) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal published by the Narayana Medical College, NMJ publishes original articles that offer significant contributions to knowledge in all the broad and super specialties. NMJ is designed to serve as a medium for rapid dissemination of new and important information about medicine and health care. Articles that are accepted for publication are done so, with the understanding that they, or their substantive contents, have not been and will not be submitted to any other publication. The journal will cover technical, clinical and bioengineering studies related to human well being including ethical and social issues. The journal gives preference to clinically oriented studies over experimental and animal studies.

It was started in the year 2012 and so far 4 volumes and 8 issues were published. It is available as Open access journal On line version as well as print Edition. About 500 copies are printed and sent to all medical colleges as a complementary copy. At present there is no subscription fees as well as submission fees. Articles are published by faculty of Narayana medical college, and others both nationally and internationally.

Online version can be accessed with the following link Click Here