E-Learning for Medical Students

Narayana Medical Educational Campus at Nellore has realised the potential benefits of e-learning in medical education. One is increasing access to varied relevant medical literature which can promote logical thinking and reasoning in the students’ mind. The other is enhancing the quality and outcomes of medical education. Improving the quality and outcomes of medical education is challenging to achieve. However, familiarizing the student with e-learning will promote life long learning skill among them.

MBBS students are exposed to e-learning material and assessments into the competency-based curriculum. Students’ self-assessment is through online weekly evaluations and assignments. Immediate feedback and reflection are the salient features of this provision. Narayana Medical College is the first medical college to provide online e-learning to undergraduate students. Individual stimulative assignments inducing logical thinking are assigned. The assessment is also online. Students received the feedback and encouraged for remedial measures.

Students are encouraged to document their reflections on each teaching and training session. Weekly online assessments and immediate feedback are well appreciated. To equip the MBBS students for Postgraduate Entrance Examination( NEET-PG training) is offered through e-learning. Students can access the e-learning material anywhere through their mobiles.

Steps are introduced to sensitise all the faculty members in e-learning and preparation of e-learning material. Institutions’ virtual learning environment was created and the decision to let students be the drivers for its introduction. An AV studio for the creation of the innovative teaching and learning material is available at the Medical Education Unit of Narayana Medical College.