Zonal - CME - Bone Tumors - Dept. of Pathology

The ZONAL CME was conducted under the aegis of Dr. Y.S.R. University of Health Sciences at Narayana Medical College on 05.05.2024, organized by the Department of Pathology.

There were 207 registrations from all over Andhra Pradesh and included Postgraduates and faculty from Pathology, Radio Diagnosis, and Orthopedics.

As Bone tumors are heterogeneous tumors with a wide spectrum of differentiation, the diagnosis can be quite challenging and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

The scientific session started at 9.00 am with a talk by Dr. Y. Anil Kumar on “Recurrent bone tumors: Approach for taking biopsies”. It generated lots of questions and Dr. Anil obliged by answering all questions.

The second session was a lecture by Dr. Rama Krishna Rao Baru, Professor and HOD, Department of Radio Diagnosis on “Conventional Radiology of Bone tumors” in which he described radiographical changes in recognizing different bone tumors to help narrowing down the differential diagnosis.

The next session was on Imaging techniques in Bone tumors – MRI & CT by Dr.V.UmaMaheshwara Reddy. It was quite an interactive session with inputs by the Chairperson Dr. Rudresh.

Inaugural ceremony was followed by lecture on “Small Cell Lesions” by Dr. Shanti Vissa, which was quite elaborative with inclusion of all the new small cell tumors in bone and soft tissue.

Dr. Bhavana Grandhi, Professor of Pathology, covered the “Changes and reclassified entities in the 5th edition of WHO classification of Bone tumors”, which was followed by Dr.B.Syam Sundara Rao’s “Giant cell lesions of Bone”. All the different lesions in bone showing presence of osteoclastic giant cells was brilliantly shown in the talk.

Topic on “IHC of Bone tumors” which is quite limited was taken care of by Dr.N.Mohan Rao, Professor of Pathology, where he showed the different markers used to identify histogenesis of bone tumors.

The last lecture of the day was by Dr. K. Durga, Professor & HOD, Department of Pathology. In this lecture the tumor specific molecular alterations and cytogenetic methods to facilitate accurate diagnosis of histologically challenging cases were described in detail. Starting with the processing of specimen, decalcification techniques and methods employed for the molecular characterization of tumors were elaborated.

The CME ended with a quiz on Bone Tumors conducted by Dr. K. Durga, with active and enthusiastic participation by all Postgraduates. The quiz includes Question round, Flash round, and Rapid fire round. Three students with highest scores were awarded prizes.

Two undergraduates who actively participated in all the sessions throughout the day were awarded special prizes.

Feedback was taken from the delegates and attending faculty.