Temple visit of Shri A Rajrajan

Shri.A.Rajarajan, visited the Lord Venkateswara Temple in the Narayana Medical College Campus. He was accompanied by Dean Dr.SP.Rao, Medical Superintendent Dr.B.Hariprasad Reddy, Professor & HOD of General Surgery Dr.V.Mahidhar Reddy, Professor of Psychiatry Dr.Ananda Reddy, Professor of ENT Dr.Krishna Chaitanya, Pharmacy Incharge Dr.Prabhakar and 2k19 students from organizing team.

    Shri.A.Rajarajan, was received by Temple Incharge Mr.Raghava Reddy and explained him the details of the Temple. Shri.A.Rajarajan then circumambulated the temple praying at the small shrines around the temple. He then went into Sanctum Sanctorium of the temple and performed pooja. Temple priest recited Archana on the name of Shri.A.Rajarajan and presented him Auspicious Vastram, Garland and Prasadam.

      Later, Shri.A.Rajarajan took a Group Photo with accompanying faculty & students and performed Sashtanga Namaskaram. He was bid adieu in a grand way.