SWASTHA VIDYA VAHINI-Inauguration on 21 Dec, 2016

The inauguration was done on 21 Dec, 2016. This meeting was organized in the lecture gallery Gray, from 3 PM onwards. About 250 third semister medical students, 50 dental students and 150 nursing students attended the programme.
Dr. Jyothi welcomed the dignitaries and the programme was started with a prayer song followed by lighting of lamp.
Dr. Naidu highlighted the importance of the programme. Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar discussed about the various aspects leading to the SVVP. He formally declared the programme SVVP of Narayana Medical Institutions.
Dr. Chandrasekhar discussed the following aspects like, importance of health education, role of students in the programme, various topics given by government like Wash, Sanitation, Reproductive health etc. He further informed that teams of medical and paramedical students will go to villages in such a way that all 13000 villages of AP will be covered. Vehicles will be provided by govt. The teams go in the morning and come back in the evening. The programme wiil go on 10 months next year, focusing on one aspect each month.
Dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Professor & Head of Public Health Dentistry gave an excellent talk to motivate the students to participate well.
Mrs. Rajeswari, Vice Principal, Nursing Colleges spoke about the programme and encouraged nursing students to do their best.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.Jyothi. The programme came to an end after national anthem.