NSS HEALTH CAMP at village EPURU on 15 August, 2016.

NSS Wing, Narayana Medical College along with the NSS Wing of Narayana Engineering College, Gudur organized a health camp at village Eruru which is about 6 Km from Gudur..

The following doctors and health staff of Narayana Medical College and Hospital attended this programme.

  1. Dr. V. Chandrasekhar, Professor & Head of Community Medicine,
  2. Dr. S. Bhaskar, Assistant Professor of Community Medicine & NSS Programme Officer,
  3. Dr. B. Prasad, postgraduate of Community Medicine,
  4. Dr. K. Vineel Chowdary, CRRI,
  5. Dr. E. Srikanth, postgraduate, Public Health Dentistry,
  6. Dr. P.S. Prashanth, postgraduate, Public Health Dentistry,
  7. Dr. Swathi G. Naidu, postgraduate, Public Health Dentistry,
  8. Mr. J. Harsha Vardhan, P.R.O.,
  9. Mr. Kamal Kumar, P.R.O.,
  10. Mr. Kalyan, Lab Technician,
  11. Mr. Vamsi, Pharmacist,
  12. Mrs. Mary, Staff Nurse,
  13. Mrs. Subbaravamma, Staff Nurse, and ,
  14. Mrs. Swathi, Staff Nurse.

A group of 30 NSS volunteers, Principal & staff of Narayana Engineering College, Gudur arragged the camp at village Eruru. About 200 patients were seen. At least 70 of them were referred to Narayana Medical College Hospital. All of them were screened for hypertension and blood glucose. Many of them were suffering from increased blood glucose, Metabolic Syndrome. Some of them had hypertension too. Most of the children and women were suffering from undernutrition, iron deficiency and other vitamin deficiencies.

We thank the authorities of Narayana Engineering College, Gudur for helping us to serve the rural people of village Epuru.
Summery of the programme

  • Total no of people attended for screening – 14
  • Total no of people referred to NMC & H – 35