Hands-on training on Clinical Key

Programme date & time: 29-09-2022, 3-4 pm.
Venue: Manthan Hall, Narayana Medical College.
Organized by: Dr.V.Mahidhar Reddy, MEU Coordinator, Department of Medical Education, NMCH.
Topic: Demonstration & Hands on Training in Clinical Key.
Speaker: Mr.RamKumar, Head-Clinical Key Solutions. Elsevier Company.

Delegates: Two faculty from each department around 38 participants.

Purpose of the programme:
Department of Medical Education felt the need to introduce faculty to new software programmes which act as resource tools and also help in the assessment of students. This will help the faculty to reduce their burden in preparing for a class, help them teach more effectively and encourage them to conduct formative assessments frequently. Several softwares of such kind are available in the market and clinical key from Elsevier is more heard of. Hence this session was organized with the help of Elsevier people.
About the programme:
The programme started with the introductory remarks by Dr.V.Mahidhar Reddy, MEU Coordinator, NMCH. The session was handed over to Mr.Ram Kumar, who discussed about the clinical key software, its applications, its usage as an assessment tool and its various resources. After this demonstration, Mr.Ram Kumar and his team provided Clinical key access to the participants, who were ready with their Laptops. Each participant now opened clinical key in their Laptops and searched for the resources in various topics of their interest. Participants were guided by Elsevier team in navigation through Clinical key. A sample exam was asked to conduct by each participant and they were taught how to assess it. All the queries were clarified. The Programme ended on the concluding remarks by the Dean of NMCH Dr.S.P.Rao.