Organized by Department of Neurology, Emergency Medicine and Neurosurgery
On 27-08-2016

Message from Dr. B.V. Subrahmanyam, Professor & HOD, Department of Forensic Medicine &
Chairman, Institutional Research Committee.
Dr. K.S.V.K. Subba Rao, Organizing Chairman,
A continuing Medical Education Programme was organized under the Education Care and Research banner by the Department of Neurology, Emergency Medicine and Neurosurgery with the theme BACK TO BASICS IN CLINICAL NEUROLOGY on 27.08.2016 in the Narayana Medical College from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.
This theme has generated great enthusiasm and more than four hundred flocked to attend the programme, listened with keen interest , participated actively and perhaps very much benefited. The participants included medical and nursing faculty and students and speakers of repute like Dr. V. Ravi Dadlani, Dr. Deekshanthi Narayan, Dr. Amit Agrawal, Prof. Rajguru, Dr. N.S. Sampath Kumar, Prof. Bhimsen and Prof. R. Samba Siva Reddy.
The Principal set the tune for the programme with his point blank talk on the need of the basis without which a proper edifice cannot be properly structured in spite of the technical advances.
Dr. Sreeram Sateesh has stressed the importance of basics by illustrating that sonography could not differentiate hydrocele and hernia, but clinical examination only differentiates it. Dr. K.S.V.K Subba Rao the Hospital Administrator has dealt about the significance of the education, care and research and the need of basics at all the three levels. Doctor Ravi Dadlani brought out very clearly about the need for motor and sensory examination and the overlapping nature of the sensory segments. Dr. Deekshanti Narayan has stressed the importance of differentiating the non neurological and neurological changes connected to gait, coordination and reflexes and also the correct hammer to elicit the tendon reflexes, Dr. Raj Guru with good EEG’s showed the differences and diagnosis of relaxed states, seizures etc., Dr. Sampath has shown clearly the need for a scheme for neurological examination. Dr. M. Srinivas explained the need and value of neurological examination in emergency room. Dr. Bhimsen talked about cranial nerves. Dr. Amit Agrawal the brain behind the programme has thanked the APSMC for granting Two credit Hours. He successfully brought out the value and limitations of Glasgow Coma Scale and its use as a tool of research and also for neurological examination.
A video session by Dr.N.S.Sampathkumar has kept the audience spell bound even at the fag end of the day.It was very informative and educative, thoroughly enjoyed by all.
All the participants enjoyed the good food and had a good food for thought also.

Message from Dr. N.S. Sampath Kumar, Professor of Neurology & Organizing Secretary

Back to basics clinical neurology CME was conducted on 27th August of 2016. The clinical meet was a huge success. This was a mega event organized in the sector of clinical neurology with the aim to increase the skills of clinical neurological examination among the students of medicine, physiotherapy and nursing, in the era of SPECT and PET where the investigations appearing to take upper hand over the classical clinical methods. The programme stuck to the timing schedule. The sessions were brain storming, well planned and coordinated educational session. The speakers were extraordinary in delivering their lecture with the clear demonstration of clinical signs to the budding clinicians. The sessions covered the neuraxis intoto with respect to the symptomology and clinical examination . The highlight in the CME is assessment of the students after the lectures by virtually presenting the patients through videos. From the beginning to the end it was totally an interesting and exciting programme with a nice lunch. These sort of academic activities are far needed to continue the flow of clinical skills and experience from the great teachers to the students.