The NEWLY CONSTITUTED A.P. Academy of Forensic Medicine has requested the Department of Forensic Medicine, Narayana Medical College, Nellore to organize the FIRSTEVER CONFERENCE of the newly formed A.P. State and the Management was kind enough to agree, encourage and support the Conference and consequently a successful Conference was conducted.

The Conference was attended by the undergraduates, Post Graduates, MDS Students, Forensic Medicine Faculty from A.P. Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Thirty papers were presented, Ten Posters were exhibited. Guest speakers were invited to deliver lectures on various topics connected to the theme and relevant to the present Forensic Medicine Scenario.
The theme of the conference was “FORENSIC MEDICINE –YESTURDAY, TODAY & TOMORROW.

The lectures included topics:

  1. Fifty Years of Forensic Medicine – A Perspective-Dr. B.V. Subrahmanyam
  2. Future of Forensic Medicine – Dr. T. Mahender Reddy
  3. Medical records -Medico-legal issues – Dr.C.M Rao
  4. Current trends and Future prospects of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in A.P. – Dr. T.T.K. Reddy
  5. Hurdles in Medico-Legal practice – Dr. T. Khan
  6. Land Mark Judgments in relation to Forensic Medicine-Dr. M. Narayana Reddy.
  7. Laws in relation to CMO – Dr. P. Subba Reddy
  8. Evolution of Laws in Relation to Criminal Responsibility of Mentally Ill – Dr. S.V. Phanindra
  9. Laws in relation to CMO – Dr. P. Subba Reddy
  10. POCSO Act 2012 and the Doctor – Dr.Ch.Srinivas
  11. Role of forensic medicine in UG curriculum – Dr.B.Lakshmi Prasana

The Conference was blessed by the Honorable Justice S.V. Bhatt of High Court of Judicature of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as the Chief Guest.

In his address Honorable Justice Bhatt has discussed about the need and importance of Forensic medicine experts in the investigation of human being related Civil and Criminal cases and the usefulness of expertise in helping the Judiciary in the dispensation of Justice as per the Laws of the land.

The presiding officer Dr. G. Subrahmanyam Director NMI has emphasized and said that Forensic Medicine experts are playing a very significant role in enlightening the clinicians and the courts.

Dr. G. Veera Nagi Reddy Principal, Narayana Medical College has stressed on the need for increasing the number of Medico-legal experts and stressed on how Forensic Medicine experts com solve cases and help the investigating officers.

Dr.P. Narasimha Reddy the Medical Superintendent of Narayana General Hospital said that he was always impressed by the importance and value of Forensic Medicine experts and their utility to both Medical Men and the Judiciary.

Dr.K.S.V.K Subba Rao the Hospital Administrator, Narayana Super Specialty Hospital has highlighted on the need for Medical Ethics, Toxicology and the importance of Forensic Medicine experts in these days of increasing crimes.
Dr. G. Krishna Rao president of APAFMT spoke about the activities of the Academy in the last two years.

Dr. T. Sai Sudheer Secretary gave the report of APAFMT.

The first issue of the Journal of APAFMT was released on this occasion. The Bye-Laws of the Academy were also released. Dr. S.V. Phanindra, the organizing Secretary of the Conference is the Chief Editor of the Journal and also framed Bye-Laws of Association. A Souvenir depicting all the messages and Abstracts of speech presentations was released.

Dr.B.V.Subrahmanyam as the organizing chairman in his welcome address requested the Forensic Medicine doctors to bring back the glory of the subject, sustain it and nurture it for the benefit of victims of crimes and administration of Justice. He thanked the management, Dr. P. Sindhura, for her encouragement and personal message which brought more value to this Conference.

Dr. S.V. Phanindra, the organizing Secretary of the Conference conducted the proceedings of both the days and proposed a vote of thanks thanking Manegment,Admintration ,Chief Guest and Reprasentatives from Andhra, Telangana and Tamilnadu,

A very lively panel disanssion was conducted with, Dr. G. Veera Nagi Reddy as Moderator ,DSP of Nellore, Advocate S Vijaya Kumar Reddy, Bar Association president Dr.D.Rama ManoharReddy, Dr.P.Uma Maheswar Rao as the Panelists, The Panelists were engrossed in discussion regarding Medicolegal work in Medical Colleges to be conducted in Private sector.

The consensus was that wherever possible in private sector also Forensic Medical expertise should be utilized for Medico legal work clinical and autopsy and also other Medico legal advice for the Hospitals.

The A.P. State Medical Council has awarded 4 credit hours for this Conference and Dr.G.Ashok represented the APSMC and was present observing the proceedings.

The Valedictory Function was graced by the C.E.O. Dr. V. Vijaya Mohan Reddy and the Super Specialty. Administrator Dr. K.S.V.K. Subba Rao, Thanks giving by the audience was overwhelming and all felt very happy with the arrangement, food and scientific proceedings. The Conference ended on a very pleasant note.