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Department of Anaesthesiology & critical care of Narayana medical college started with inception of medical college at Nellore . Initially we had only one professor and three assistant professors , and the beginning it was catering to only general surgery & OBGY departments and, with the addition of super speciality branches in all surgical departments, it began catering to all elective and emergency cases of specialties and super specialties . It is growing steadily ever since . At present there are 24 operating rooms of which 8 are modular operation theatres like cardio thoracic and vascular surgery , neuro surgery , Transplant/joint replacement operation theatres


We have postgraduate courses in Anaesthesiology , and the department has intake of 12 postgraduates per year , we have intense academic activity every day . we also teach nurses and undergraduate students . we have a central library and section library which is situated in the ot complex and it is having 200 books.we have well equipped seminar room with audio visual equipment (projector) with a seating capacity of 60.we have seminars ,lectures,group discussions,journal clubs and case discussions every week.

Clinical focus

Hospital has at present 24 theaters General surgery(2),orthopaedics(2),obg and gynic(2),ENT(1),Ophthalmology(1),urology(2),plastic surgery(1),surgical gastroenterology(1),Neuro surgery(3),dental and facio maxillary surgery(1),septic theatre(1),labour ot(1),Emergency ot(1),covid ot(1), Transplant Surgery (2), Endoscopy Suite…

Our Postgraduates will be exposed to all kinds of Major,minor,Complicated surgeries ..Will be trained in advanced Procedures with advanced equipment…Our P.Gs will be upto date with Current practises and trends…

Pain Clinic..

Acute pain sevices including Musculoskeletal blocks,ultrasound guided facet joint block, Transforaminal Epidural steroid injections, Nerve root blocks etc…are provided round the clock .We have 2 ultasound (sonosite) machines exclusively for regional anaesthesia and nerve blocks . we also provide emergency sevices and anesthesia services in radiology and psychiatry department.we offer painless delivery / Labor Analgesia for parturients who request pain relief during delivery.

PACU(POST ANAESTHESIA CARE UNIT) is situated inside the ot complex.It has 8 beds and all moniters.

We have 6 bedded SICU and a post operative ward by the side of ot complex . we have a pain clinic where we do minimally invasive pain and spine procdures like transforaminal epidural steroid injection. We have covid icu with good recovery rates in 2020 and 2021.

We have computer data system.Each case is entered and data can be assessed by any official in the hospital(LAN).


Former students are persuing superspeciality in cardiothoracic anaesthesia and some are renewed critical care consultants in metro cities.


Our Postgraduates participate in State and National conferences with Podium presentations every year..We are proud to say that We got BEST PAPER AWARD in 2017,2018,2019 and 2021 State Conferences…



    • State conference in 2010.
    • University CME’S in 2012-2013.
    • One day CME on nerve blocks using nerve stimulation in January 2008 in Narayana medical college.
    • One day CME on LMA insertion methods and uses of LMA in march 2007 in Narayana medical college.
    • One day CME on venous lines Febrauary 2006 in Narayana medical college.
    • CME of one day in regional anaesthesia in febrauray 2005 in Narayana medical college.
    • CME of one day in Anaesthesia January 2004 in Narayana medical college.

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