World Cancer Day – 2019

Rural Health Training Centre, Department of Community Medicine, Narayana Medical College, Nellore Organized a daylong Cancer Screening Program on 4th February, 2019. The screening program on the occasion of the World Cancer Day was organized at Village Venkatchalam in association with Swarnabharathi Trust.

Under this program, propaganda about the danger signals of cancer and the causes was carried out through heath workers and paramedical staff of RHTC. People living in and around the village were informed about the facilities and the timings of the screening camp. Local leaders were contacted and their cooperation was sought in organization of the camp.

On 4th February, the camp was inaugurated by Shri Uma Maheswara Rao, Executive Director of Swarnabharathi Trust. Initially, Shri Uma Maheswara Rao explained the importance of screening for cancer. In his inaugural address, he lauded the efforts of Narayana Medical College and Department of Community Medicine in organization of cancer screening camp. He said the 3 major cancers namely oral cancer, Breast cancer and cervical cancer are affecting the women in India. The detection of cancer in early stages will facilitate early treatment and will prolong the quality life of an individual. Dr Chandrasekhar, Professor and Head, Department of Community Medicine explained the preventive measures for cancer. He pointed out that nutritious diet and regular exercise are essential to prevent cancer. Dr Pravalika explained and signs and symptoms of cancer in women. She narrated the harmful effects and risk factors for cancers.

Later men and women were examined separately for the signs and symptoms of cancer. The demographic and socio-economic data was collected from all the attendees. Women were subjected to clinical examination including the breast examination. Gynecological obstetric history and symptoms of early cancer were elicited and documented if any. PAP smears were
collected from women in the reproductive age. Necessary basic laboratory tests such as hemoglobin estimation and urine albumin, sugar detection were performed in patients wherever necessary. Posters on cancer detection and adoption of healthy life styles were exhibited in the health centre. Health workers explained the importance of cancer screening. They also narrated the available facilities available for cancer treatment.

Specialists from the departments of Oral Medicine, Oral pathology, Oral Surgery, General Surgery, Gynecology and Pathology performed the clinical examination and cancer the screening procedures along with the faculty members of department of Community Medicine. Dr Srinivasa Rao, medical officer working at RHTC offered necessary general health care for the attendees of the camp. Around 150 people were screened at the RHTC for cancer.

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