WBW was celebrated on 01 Aug, 2018 at Rural Health Center, Venkatachalam. About 300 to 400 mothers along with their families were mobilized to the RHC. The following activities were organized at the auditorium.

  • 1. Very good Health Education talks were given by Dr.C.Kumar, Dr.C.Jyothi, Dr.S.Bhaskar and Dr.Vaishnavi, faculty members of Community Medicine.
  • 2. Medical and Nursing students interacted with the mothers and their families to understand the prevailing breast feeding practices in the community.
  • 3. Questionnaires were administered by Narayana Medical College and Narayana Nursing Colleges to assess the knowledge and practices of the community with reference to breast feeding.
  • 4. Nursing students of Community Health and Child Health participated very enthusiastically
    to educate the community by a skit.
  • 5. The Nursing students used hand drawn pictures to discuss various important aspects of breast feeding, with the mothers.
  • 6. All of them are served lunch and high protein laddus.
7th Oct 2016 (Click on the below image enlarge)