World Breast Feeding celebrations

World Breast Feeding was celebrated on 07 Aug, 2019. Dr. (Mrs). C. Jyothi, Professor of Community Medicine gave a health talk on the importance of breast feeding focusing on the various important and practical aspects of breast feeding. A Health Education & Awareness Campaign was organized at the Urban Health Center, Saraswthi Nagar. About 50 mothers were mobilized by the health staff of the Center. These mothers came with their children and family members. They were given dates to eat and milk or tea to drink. Dr. Sasikala, Assistant Professor of Community Medicine, and the other faculty and PGs conducted an impressive discussion with the mothers to inform and educate them about various aspects of breast feeding. The mothers were informed about the importance of early initiation of breast feeding, need to give colostrums, exclusive breast feeding for 6 months, complementary feeding, need to breast feed at least for 2 to 3 years etc, in a participatory learning activity and a focus group discussion. Dr. Chandrasekhar discussed these aspects for the medical students.