Guidance session on academic and administrative audit

Dr S R Rao, Adviser Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India, said that research should be an integral part of health care education. He lamented that large number of medical colleges in India neglected this aspect of clinical research and are continuing their traditional ways. Dr Rao was speaking at the Research Advisory Board meeting with the faculty members of the Narayana Professional Institutions organised at Narayana Medical College, Nellore on 15th October 2019. He was appraised of the research carried out at Narayana Medical College. He expressed satisfaction after visiting the research facilities available at Medical College. He praised the Narayana Medical College and its management for establishing state of the art Biotechnology, molecular biology and stem cell research centre. He said that this centre would be able to cater the health care needs of the population in and around Nellore. He explained that Public-Private partnerships and linkages with industry are the need of the hour.

Dr SR Rao narrated that Government of India is keen to promote clinical and basic research in health sciences. He explained the various schemes initiated by the Department of Biotechnology to support health research and inspired the faculty members to seek financial assistance to conduct health care research. Dr Rao also talked about the need to establish advanced research centres in medical colleges. He said that budding doctors should also be exposed to scientific vigour and should be encouraged to research one of their career options.
Dr Rao also visited the Narayana Medical college, Pharmacy college, Dental college, Physiotherapy college. He said the pharma industry is expanding and Pharmacy branch of health sciences should devise industry need based certificate courses with the help of the Health University. He said that the present trend is individualised medicine and biological products. Depending on the individual makeup and the disease status, diseases can now targeted through biologicals suited for that particular individual. The use of medicines (drugs) is gradually decreasing, and more and more persons prefer individualised biological management.
The faculty members of Narayana Professional colleges attended the Research Advisory Board meeting.