Patient Satisfaction:

Patient satisfaction is a highly desirable outcome of clinical care in the hospital. Patient satisfaction is an indicator that is indispensable to the assessment of the quality of care in hospitals. The feedback from the patients is crucial in meeting the demands of the patients. It also helps to assess the quality of services offered by the hospital.

Active feedback mechanism is established at the hospital. Dedicated hospital members collect data through exit interviews from the patients and their relatives regarding the perception of quality of services they received during their hospital stay. Any deviation and inability to meet the expectations are noted and the information is shared on day to day basis with all the administrative staff and the management. This initiates immediate remedial measures and rectification. If a particular area is consistently performing below the patients’ expectations, that area is addressed seriously. Intensive corrective measures and staff counselling are initiated. Floor wise social workers were assigned to oversee and monitor the services directed towards patients and their relatives.

Online e-learning:

Narayana Medical college is the first one to introduce e-learning as a part of teaching and learning for undergraduate students in Andhra Pradesh. Initially, steps were taken to develop skills to manage this organisational change. The crucial component is learning and the learning material. Creating e-learning material is different from devising AV aids for classroom teaching. The important aspect is learning material. It needs to be developed by enthusiastic professional experts. Teaching online requires a different set of skills to those used in traditional teaching in a classroom. So, Online expert instructors are necessary to be carved out of the existing faculty.

A suitable open-source platform is developed. In this platform, assigning roles to teachers and students took place. Every student is assigned a username and a password for security. After entering the user name and password, specific student page indicates the courses for which he/ she is to enrol. This e-learning facility initially is limited for first MBBS students. So, all the students are enrolled for Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry courses. Each course has options for self-assessment, learning material, individual assignments and specific instructions or directions. An access to mobile phone is created. Now, all the assignments are submitted and assessed online. There is online self-assessment facility. The students appreciate instant feedback and remedial session to improve their performance.



Effective Learning required three pillars namely, the student, the teacher and the parent. Realizing this, all the three stakeholders are kept in the learning loop. Student progress, their attendance and their performance both academic and extracurricular is immediately informed through automation to the parent and the responsible teachers. Any student if absent for even a single teaching session, the message is automatically sent to the parent. Progress and academic achievements are also shared with the parents.

Mentor-Mentee System:

Narayana Medical College is the first medical college in Andhra Pradesh to introduce the mentor-mentee system. Every student is assigned a specific teacher to guide not only in academics but also in all spheres of student life. Any difficulty if the student is facing, will immediately be solved by the respective teacher. As a part of this system, every student has to meet the mentor at a specific time every day. This time is utilized as the study hour wherein the mentor supervises the academic preparation and would be able to suggest any corrective measures if necessary.

Another feature of this system is the weekly academic assessment. Every week, each student is assessed on the topics covered during the week. His/ her understanding and their learning levels are assessed. The difficult areas for understanding are identified and these areas are revised during the fourth coming week. Students are able to assess their learning and are in a better position to appear for the university examination.


Remedial Measures:

Remedial measures for the slow learners are a significant feature at Narayana. Students who are finding difficulty in academics and are unable to perform satisfactorily at periodic assessments. These remedial classes are individualized and are conducted o public holidays and Sundays. Students who are low performers can attend these remedial classes to improve their learning. Individualized approach is followed during these remedial sessions.