The library of NARAYANA MEDICAL COLLEGE was established in the year of 1999 at Chinthareddypalem, Nellore.

The Library being upgrade with the latest information to catering to the needs of all specialties of UG and also PG. The Library has all the facilities required information in the form of books, journals and internet for access e journals.

The library is housed in three floors and divided into Various sections having a total area of 4200 sq.mtrs. The library has seating capacity of about 790 which is very well ventilated and illuminated even when in the case of power cut.


Providing high quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of a diverse user community. Selecting, Acquiring, Organizing, Preserving and Providing access to library materials and resources.


Providing a student centered learning environment that delivers information services to its users, where and when they required promoting relative and critical thinking through information literacy.


1. Collection of Books

  • Total No. of Books in UG & PG : 25116
  • No. of Titles : 7769
  • Reference Books : 7769

2. Current Year Periodicals

  • National Journals : 106
  • International Journals : 121
  • Newspapers :03

3. Online Journals

  • NTRMEDNET Consortium

4. Bound Volume of Journals : 1702

5. Dissertations: 16

6. Non Book Materials

  • CD’s : 250

7. Computers: 50

SL.No. Name Designation Department Mobile No
1 Dr.B.L.Kudagi Chairperson Pharmacology 9346536772
2 Mr.K. Murali Mohan Reddy Member Coordinator Librarian 7382135134
3 Dr. Suman Babu Member Anatomy 9866567467
4 Dr. Satyavathi Member Physiology 9980566665
5 Mr.B.Harshavardhan Member UG Male Student 9704438742
6 Miss. K.Asha Reddy. Member UG Female Student 9030074849
7 Dr.S.Murali Babu Member PG Male Student 9032243525
8 Dr.N.Bhuvana Sri Member PG Female Student 9030074849

SI.No Name Qualification Designation Designation
1 K.Murali Mohan Reddy M.COM, M.L.I.Sc, M.PHIL., Librarian 15 years
2 N. Subrahmanyam M.A, M.L.I.Sc., Asst.Librarian 10 years
3 M. Ravi Kumar M.L.I.Sc., Asst.Librarian 2 years
4 D. Raviteja B.Sc Library Asst 3 years
5 P.Anwesh Library Asst 2 years
6 P.Chaitanya Intermediate Junior Asst 2 years
7 P.Venkateshwarlu S.S.C Xerox Operator 12 years
8 K.Prem Kumar S.S.C Attended 4 Years
9 I.Surendra S.S.C Attended 2 Years
10 I.Srinath S.S.C Attended 2 Years
11 E.Sandeep S.S.C Attended 1 Years
12 K.Bhagyamma Sweeper 10 Years
13 P.Bujjama Sweeper 1 Year
14 K.Bujjama Scavenger 8 Years


1. No student whether UG or PG should be allowed to enter into the library without the college identity card.

2. Before entering the centre the Users are advised to keep their belongings in the Property counter.

3. Due entry into the gate register should be made during entry and exit of the library.

4. Strict Silence is enjoined inside the library, as it is necessary for quiet study.

5. Users are cautioned to throw any litter in the centre.

6. Production of NO DUES CERTIFICATE is essential for obtaining hallticket to appear for year/ semester examinations.

7. OPAC is also provided in the library.

8. Chief librarian is the authority for the library like any other head of the department.

9. All the students should follow the rules of the library, failing which the librarian has the authority to discipline the student and bring the same to the notice of the principals of the respective institutions and the library committee based on which disciplinary measures will be implemented.

10. No student should leave their books or belongings in the library when they go out for snacks, lunch or dinner. The library staff or other students are not responsible for the loss of such things.

11. Cell phone usage is strictly prohibited inside or outside the library building area. The student should keep them in switch off or silent mode.

12. Residents of the hostels inside the campus should register their names with the care takers if they are utilizing the library after 9-00PM on weekdays and the same will be crosschecked by the caretakers or faculty randomly.