Devise research methods to know the cause of Kidney Problems in Nellore

Dr Prabhadeep Kaur, Deputy Director, Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai addressed the faculty and post graduate students of Departments of Nephrology, Community Medicine, Urology, Medicine and Paediatrics of Narayana Medical College, Nellore on 27th March, 2019. During her interaction with the faculty, she explained that chronic kidney disease is a major problem in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh especially Srikakulum, Prakasam and Nellore districts. She said that around 5 – 10% of adult population are suffering from CKD. Among these diseased individuals, 70% are suffering from Kidney Disease of Unknown origin.

Government of India and Indian Council of Medical Research jointly are conducting research in Prakasam district to find out the cause of chronic kidney disease. She opined that at the end of 2 years of follow-up study, the real cause of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin might be known. So that preventive measures can be initiated. There are various causes proposed for this disease which include water contamination and exposure to pesticides etc. But till now no specific cause has been identified. Similarly, there can be large number of people suffering from chronic kidney disease in Nellore district also. Dr Praveen Kumar head of the department of Nephrology vouched that many patients living in rural areas of Nellore district consult the hospital for chronic kidney disease. These patients consult the hospital at very late stage of the disease and the treatment option left out at that stage of disease is dialysis. Many patients visit Narayana Medical College for dialysis purpose. Dr Kaur insisted that there is an urgent need to delve into the problem and it is necessary to identify the people suffering from Chronic kidney disease at an early stage.

Dr Kaur advised the faculty and students to undertake community based surveys to identify the hot spots of chronic kidney disease. She said that Nellore district is also included for the study of Hypertension.

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