Cadaveric Oath and Prayer

Narayana Medical College, Department of Anatomy has made it customary to take holistic Cadaveric Oath & prayer, thanking those departed souls who have given an opportunity for teachers to teach and students to learn the topography and anatomical structures of the human body.
A total of 250 students are accommodated in two dissection halls 10 teachers are allotted to each table and 25 students per table. The professor & head of the department Dr. L. Hema dictated the prayer and the students & the staff reciprocated to the same. Then the individual table teachers along with their students completed the cadaveric oath.
The students were in brief explained regarding the importance of cadaveric study, to maintain the discipline, decency & respect towards the cadaver as the “DEAD TEACH THE LIVING”
The students were lastly told to maintain silence for 2 minutes regarding the following:-
– To individually thank the departed soul
– To give them strength & courage to teach the subject & come out with good knowledge.
– To thank their teachers for the pains they are taking to make them understand the subject and also for the well being of their teachers.