The concluding day of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month was organized at Narayana Medical College on 31st October 2019. Women volunteers from various organizations, Nursing personnel involved in pink ribbon campaign and the students of Narayana medical College were present at the function.

The program was inaugurated by Dr S P Rao, Dean, Narayana Medical College. In his inaugural address., Dr Rao emphasized the magnitude of the Breast Cancer in India and said that various preventive measures are available to reduce the burden of this Breast Cancer. As it is now increasing in proportion and presently the number one cancer in India, one needs closer attention. Early detection can reduce the complications but the screening procedures utilization rates are as low as less than 5%.

Dr Hymavathi, Professor & Head of Obstetrics & Gynecology enumerated various activities carried out by the medical and allied colleges of Narayana professional institutions. The pink ribbon campaign by medical students showcased the results of screening programs organised at rural areas. Dr Hemavati congratulated the pink ribbon campaign team and wished to continue their awareness activities. Dr Hemavati also explained the risk factors of breast cancer and the role of family history in breast cancer. Breast cancer can also occur in 4% of men. She said that late menopause obesity genetic factors and consumption of alcohol and smoking are the most common risks for breast cancer. Hormone replacement therapy can also be considered as risk factor.
It is important not to bend or slowdown with depression if diagnosed to be suffering from cancer breast. It is important to detect the disease in early stages. The clinical breast examination or self breast exam is the most suitable method to detect breast cancer among women.
Early detection will prolong life and reduce disfigurement.

Breast self awareness program is the program directed to achieve the objective.
Though the sensitivity of breast cancer detection by SBE is only around 26%, the intangible benefits of health awareness it creates is magnanimous. Dr Hymavati advocates that all girls should develop a habit of self breast examination as a daily routine.
She also explained the correct method of self breast examination.

The fear of cancer and lack of confidence and embarrassment are the leader causes of non-practice of self-detection methods. Though there are other technical advances like ultrasonography mammogram as breast cancer detection methods, they are costly and a low resource country like India can not afford. Other tests like fine needle aspiration cytology are helpful on diagnosis and classification of breast cancer.
The heads of the departments of community medicine, pharmacology, hospital administration and faculty members of obstetrics and Gynecology department were present.
Pink indicates Practice SBE, Investigate for the disease if in doubt, Normal architecture of the breast and Knowledge about breast cancer are key to success.