World Mental Health Day on October 10th 2014 was observed by Psychiatry department of Narayana Medical College & Hospital

Banners depicting the theme “LIVING WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA” In our hospital and medical college to create awareness among the students, hospital staff, patients and general public.

In the afternoon at 3.30 pm a programme was organized on the theme “LIVING WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA”

  1. Dr. S. Ekramulla 2nd year PG in Psychiatry Spoke on clinical features of schizophrenia  
  1. Dr. J. Sonasree 3rd year PG in Psychiatry spoke eloquently on early detection  Pharmacological management of schizophrenia
  1. Dr. S. Arifa Bano 3rd year PG   in Psychiatry spoke about psychosocial management of Schizophrenia


Dr. K. Krishnamurthy professor & HOD of Psychiatry Narayana Medical College& Hospital gave a final overview on the theme

There was a question and answer session and ended with vote of thanks

The programme ended with high tea.