The 8th Annual graduation day of Narayana Medical College was conducted on 23rd March from 5:00pm – 8:00pm with the participation of 144 graduates .

The chief guest of the ceremony was Dr.Ramesh Chandra Deka , DIRECTOR ,AIIMS , New Delhi and lead by Dr.G.Subramanyam ,Director ,NMI , Dr.B.A.Rama Krishna Principal ,Dr.P.Narasimha reddy Medical superintendent , Dr.K.S.V.K.Subbarao and Dr.S.Vijay kumar.

The graduation day started with the possession of the graduates and dignitaries at 6:00pmwith a prayer song followed by a welcome speech by Dr.K.Jithendra.

The Presidential address was given by Dr.B.A.Ramakrishna, Principal followed by “Advice to Graduates “ by Dr.S.Vijay kumar,Charge by Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy . the graduates were administered Oath by Dr.D.Rammohan , with a message to Graduates by Dr.G.Subramanyam .

The Chief guest addressed and Congratulated all the graduates on their achievements and goldmedals were given to Dr.shruthi balla ,Dr.Skanda harshitha and Dr.Srileka Reddy .The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr.Venugopal Sharma .The Event ended with a national anthem at 8:00pm .